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Posted by Debbie Rodriguez on Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 3:34pm.

Selling a home? Try these simple, inexpensive swaps for any room 

Whether you're looking to sell your house or just make a change, updates can seem daunting if you're not prepared.


'Listed Sisters' share dramatic before-and-after photos of home renovations

To help you come up with a game plan for every room in your house, Lex and Alana LeBlanc from "The Listed Sisters" on HGTV, stopped by TODAY Wednesday with tips on what to keep, ditch and replace in your favorite spaces.


Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
This playroom needed a little sprucing up.

Having a place for kids to just be kids can be a fun way to let little ones explore their own creativity. But it can also be a great way to turn one room in your house into a complete disaster zone.

One of the quickest ways to make a dingy playroom seem bright and fresh is to have the carpeting professionally cleaned. To brighten up the space even further, repaint the walls using neutral tones, like white and gray.

Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
A few simple paint changes and furniture additions transform this playroom completely!

If you're looking to sell your home, stage the playroom with furniture that complements the space. It's important to show that the space can be used for something other than just a playroom if potential buyers aren't looking for that.


Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
A few design changes can easily transform this bland bedroom.

When it comes to the bedroom, you want the space to feel like an oasis. Something as simple as changing the colors of the walls can achieve this effect.

Instead of a color-blocked beige and brown motif, the LeBlancs chose a soft gray both below and above the trim in this bedroom. Sticking to one color helps streamline the look and neutral colors appeal to a wider swath of buyers.

Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
A few inexpensive changes make this room look so much brighter!

The ceiling fan and floor could both use an update as well. Remove the fan entirely and replace it with a neutral light fixture or illuminate the space with decorative lamps on the bedside tables. For the floor, a lighter stained wood can suit more design preferences and acts as a neutral in its own way.

Finally, add floor length curtains around smaller windows to make them appear bigger and the room will seem brighter as a result!

Family room

Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
This room is so cozy, but could use some re-shuffling.

The family room is often the center of a house, so it should feel like a place where everyone will want to gather and relax. The brick fireplace is an awesome addition to a cozy corner, but covering it with rustic wood will add a modern touch.

Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
Tailored furniture actually makes the room seem much bigger.

The built-in shelving is a perfect place to display your family's prized possessions or cute knick-knacks, but the gray backdrop doesn't let those special items pop. Instead, paint it white to match the shelves and it'll continue to be a bright spot in the room.

Dark leather couches might be great to lounge in, but they can be too heavy for some spaces. Instead, opt for a light-colored sofa and accent it with smaller chairs for additional seating without bulking up the space.


Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
The exterior before small renovations updated the home.

Curb appeal is critical when it comes to selling a house. Repainting the trim is one of the simplest (and cheapest) ways to clean up the exterior and bring out your home's best features.

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We think so much about the interior lighting and often forget how important strategically placed light fixtures can be outside the front door. They can add an element of design that sets one home apart from another similar-looking style.

Courtesy of "The Listed Sisters"
After the renovations, it doesn't even look like the same house!

And, of course, updating the landscape will help create a lush, welcoming environment for potential future buyers. Who knows, you might love it so much that you'll want to stay!

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