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So, you’re pretty sure there’s a squirrel inside your attic. Maybe you heard the squirrel’s chittering, or scratching in the middle of the night, or you’ve discovered the damage left behind in its wake. What do you do now?

As the weather gets colder, your chance of finding an uninvited guest in the attic goes up, as the creature is simply going where it is warm. This is not an uncommon event for all sorts of critters (often mice) when the weather starts getting colder. It does not take them a lot of time to create an opening and then quickly build a nest. Unfortunately, you cannot allow them to stay up there, as squirrels are prone to causing all sorts of havoc, including accidentally sparking a fire. The good news is, with a little patience, evicting this intruder is a matter of strategy.

Identify points of entry around your home, and then seal all of them but one. Squirrels can squeeze themselves through almost any opening, so it’s important to make sure doors and windows are fitted to your home and are covered with fitted screens. Wire mesh can be placed over open vents and chimney tops, and other openings can be sealed caulk, steel wool, or other situationally appropriate materials. Don’t forget to leave one opening so the squirrels can leave on their own. Cover this last opening with one sheet of newspaper, and if the paper is still intact a few days after all signs of squirrel have gone, you know it is safe to finally seal it off for good!

Of course, squirrels won’t always leave on their own, especially if they’ve already given birth to a litter in the Spring time, and in that case you’ll need to give them a little push. Hopefully, you’ve caught your squirrel problem before they have given birth. Playing loud music and leaving a light on can be effective methods in pushing away a squirrel. Never go into the attic to drive the creature out yourself; wild animals can be dangerous when scared (think of a mean raccoon), and you wouldn’t want to drive it into the rest of your home! You can also set a trap, but it’s worth noting that traps are tend to be very hit-or-miss when it comes to squirrels.

The best thing you can do is to make sure they can’t get inside your home in the first place. Closing off entry points and trimming overhanging trees will go a long way in squirrel intrusion prevention, and if all else fails, you can always call up a pest control professional if your new furry friend is stubborn!

For DIY suggestions on getting rid of squirrels:   https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Squirrels-in-the-Attic

How to get rid of mice information https://www.pests.org/get-rid-of-mice/

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Written by Kaitlyn Troth of Troth Media

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