How to Cut Costs When Moving

Posted by Jane Doe on Monday, October 22nd, 2018 at 10:24am.


While we all know that moving entails certain costs, some of us sometimes find themselves in a situation where the spending has gotten out of hand.

The thing is, moving doesn’t have to cost that much. Here are some tips on how to cut costs when moving.

Recycle packing materials

Instead of buying brand new boxes and packing materials, you can just do some recycling. Sure, boxes and packing materials don’t cost much, but they are still a few dollars more expensive than just combing your home for old boxes or asking family and friends for them.

If you don’t have old boxes, then you can always go to neighborhood stores and buy their used ones at reduced prices. Some shops may even just give them away.

Dispose of unnecessary stuff

Are you sure you still need those thick, heavy textbooks from college or that worn-out couch that has been with you for years? In all likelihood, you don’t need them anymore, so get rid of them and other things you no longer need to save on your moving costs.

Actually, you can even make a few bucks from your old things by holding a garage sale. With all the things you’ll be able to sell, you may not have to rent a huge moving truck anymore.

Pack your own things

Believe it or not, there are people who make money by offering to pack things for those who are relocating. While it’s a sensible option for people who are too busy even to pack, it’s also a costly one.

If you have the money for it, then go ahead and hire somebody to pack your stuff. However, if you have no budget for it, then you must do whatever you can to find time to do your own packing.

Receipts = tax deductions

The expenses you incur while moving may be deductible from your taxes, so you should keep all receipts in relation to your relocation. If all receipts are there, then you can claim those expenses as a deduction on your federal income tax return by filling out IRS Form 3903.

Move when it’s off-peak moving season

If we all had our way, then we’d all do our relocating during the summer months because the kids don’t have school to worry about, among other things. However, summer is also the peak moving season, which means things can get costlier because of the high demand for moving services.

What’s considered as the off-peak moving season falls somewhere between September to early April. Do this, and you’re bound to benefit from the lower rates charged by moving companies and the more favorable weather conditions.

Talk to more than one moving company

If you’re going to hire professional movers to help you relocate, then don’t just scour the Yellow Pages and make a deal with the first such company you see there. Before you settle on a mover, do your due diligence first.

Get quotes from at least three moving companies before hiring one. It would also help if you can ask friends or family if they have contracted the services of the companies on your list. You can also check out their websites to see what they’re offering.

As part of your research, you need to ask the moving companies about their licenses and insurance, or if they have hidden charges for certain items.

These are just some of the tips that can help you lower your relocation costs. Hopefully, they all work for you so that you won’t have to spend a fortune just to move into a new home.

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