When looking for the perfect home, you most likely have an idea of what you want. However, that may not necessarily be what you need so it is best that you open up yourself to the various possibilities. There are a number of things that predict the type of home that will suit you. Your traits, habits, and family are all important considerations to make. As human beings, we tend to forget some of these factors, which end in making bad decisions. If you want a home that you will actually want to live in, go at it with an open mind and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Why Should You Consider All Possible Options When Picking Your Home?

Whether you are new to this or not, you may not know everything. That is exactly why you shouldn’t pick a home based on what you think you want. There are a lot of considerations to make that you may not consider but they are best for you at that particular time.

Buy or Rent

Most people do not like renting. It pains one to write a check for your home and to continue doing so for years without making any progress. After a couple of years, many people start to consider buying a home so as to have an asset in their name. However, it is not always the best time to buy.

You may start looking for a home specifically for buying but the time may not be right. Consider the changes that may happen in your life or career that may make buying a bad option. A common example is if there is a possibility that you will move soon. If there is a possibility for this to happen, it is best that you rent since it will be more economical and will be less of a hassle.

Apartment Vs Homes

Whether one is buying or renting, many people tend to opt for homes rather than apartments. Sure, homes are great especially when you have children since there is plenty of space. However, apartments have more advantages than people realize.

When you live in an apartment, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Issues such as fixing essential aspects of your apartment and maintenance are all left to the landlord. It makes life a lot simpler since all you need to ensure is that your payments are made on time.


Everyone has that dream neighborhood where they would like to live. If you are certain that you can manage it, then you should go for it. That isn't always the case. You may want to live in a certain place, and you even start looking for a house in the area. However, it may be beyond your means and may make you struggle a lot more.

If that is the case, then you shouldn’t do it. It is better if you open yourself up to looking at a different location that is more manageable for you. As a result, you may find a beautiful place to live with everything that you need without plunging yourself deep in debt.

Size of the Home

When choosing a place to call home, people often want to go big and start planning. For example, if you are starting a family, you start considering that you may need a big home with a yard to match it. There is nothing wrong with that, but the question is whether you can afford it. What you don’t know is that there is nothing wrong with starting small if it is what you can comfortably manage.

It is crucial that you do not go beyond your means until you are sure that it is necessary. If it is going to be your first home, be a minimalist and start from the bottom and with time you can save up and move. Remember that if you are buying you are the one that will pay more premiums and that may generally reduce your quality of life.


When shopping around for a house, it is easy to get tempted to get the best furnishings, that luxurious bath, and everything. However, remember that you will pay for all of that hence you can quickly go beyond your budget. That is why if you are on a tight budget and you don't want to overstretch your resources, choose the minimal. It is possible to get minimalistic furnishing that is still beautiful and will give your home a look and feel that you want.


You may think to yourself that it is okay to go for that sizeable luxurious home since you will take a lower premium mortgage for a more extended period. Of course that is always an option; however, remember that your interest rates will be much higher. As a result, you will pay so much more than if you opted for a more affordable home.

If the home that you choose is affordable, you can opt for a higher premium mortgage that you will pay over a shorter period. As a result, your interest rates are much lower, so you end up having your home within a shorter period.

Whether you are an experienced homeowner or just a beginner, nothing is black and white. It is better for you if you do not restrict yourself to what you believe you know. Think of different approaches and options to get the best of everything. Start your search at Zimmerman Realty, and you will achieve all your dreams with time.


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Luke Oleenik serves as the Managing Director of XL Building, a trusted building company specializing in second story additions and custom home construction across Melbourne. Prevent your dream home from turning into a nightmare with his free ultimate building guide.



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