Eric Schnipke, Realtor®

Lake living flows in Eric’s blood, which may come as a surprise when you learn that Eric was born and raised in rural Ohio on a 300+ acre grain and hog farm. Just about as far from lake life as you can get! As part of a large, close-knit, 200+ member family, Eric learned the importance of honesty, integrity, and respect at a young age. He also learned the importance and fulfillment of hard work done right. Throughout elementary and high school, Eric worked both on the family farm and in the family’s local restaurant, all while maintaining his studies and enjoying a rich social life with friends. These family commercial experiences led Eric to seek Associate degrees in Business Management and Marketing/Sales, which led to 10 years spent in the financing/banking industry. During this time, he continued to further his studies, gaining Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Managerial Leadership. All the while, Eric was dipping his toe in the real estate waters. Over the course of 16 years, he purchased and flipped a number of properties. And that was it—Eric had been bitten by the real estate bug. The very next year after completing his degrees, Eric had his realtor’s license. Eric resides at Indian Lake, where he enjoys the many benefits of lake life. On warm summer days, Eric spends time with family and friends, maybe boating, maybe doing a little swimming, or maybe just relishing a nice, lazy float on the water. On other days, Eric splits his time between walking the trails surrounding Indian Lake, searching for hidden gems at local flea markets, taking his dogs out for a play date at the dog park, and picking up some fresh delectables at the nearby farmers’ markets. Eric also enjoys traveling, having recently explored such far-flung destinations as Madrid, Montreal, Paris and the Bahamas. As an Indian Lake-based realtor, Eric is excited to share with you the magic of lake living, whether you are new to the lake life or have already been living the dream. Eric feels it is both his privilege and his pleasure to help you find your perfect home.

Office Location: 7409 State Route 366 @ State Route 368, Huntsville
Office Phone Number: 937-843-9400

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